Dutch Design Company Aims to Revolutionize Travel. Well at least your Luggage.

Sep 16 · in Amsterdam, Netherlands · about Awesome Travel Stuff

The same Amsterdam-based company that revolutionized getting around with kids is hoping to achieve a new cult following among travelers.


If you are one of the countless parents worldwide devoted to Bugaboo stroller systems, you'll already be familiar with the stroller system that set a new benchmark for rugged, high-concept, modular, and - above all with Dutch design - practical moving solutions.


The Bugaboo Boxer luggage system applies the same principles to getting you and your things efficiently and stylishly around an airport as it did to you navigating the school run with small children in tow.

Not a suitcase, a 'Luggage System'

It's based on a four-wheeled, foldable chassis the design company says has smooth and easy push-steering and ergonomic design to give your back and arms a break.  A variety of hard-shell, interlocking cases click-lock onto it and each other (yes, Lego-like!).


According to Bugaboo, the frame is lightweight and glides effortlessly on two wheels for pulling or four wheels for pushing. The 'luggage system' allows you to easily maneuver multiple cases without a trolley, and reconfigure them in moments, even folding the wheels into the chassis to reduce its size to a minimum as you check in, board, go through security, or load into a taxi.

Mobility and Utility - and Style

It's not all about mobility, it's also utility. There are elastic straps to manage your coat, and a detachable organizer that can hold a laptop and any other at-hand essentials you might need.


You can buy system components separately, or sets of the chassis plus a selection of travel case, cabin case (with inner bag bonus for your laundry, an extra carry on, last minute souvenirs…) or laptop bag pre-configured in a design suited to the travel needs of a business, short range or extended vacation travelers, in a mix and match of trendy, Dutch colors.


Like their baby strollers, Bugaboo luggage system prices start north of $1000 for the chassis plus one case.


Bugaboo hopes the new 'luggage system' will allow you to 'forget everything you know about luggage' and that its game-changing details allow you to 'rediscover the pleasure of travel'.  We haven't tried one yet, but we'd settle for just a little less 'lugging' of our luggage.


Sales begin September 26th 2016 online for Europe, UK, and US, with further distribution promised.

Image: Bugaboo

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