Get into the French Gourmet Culinary Spirit even on your Trans-Atlantic Flight

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Michelin-starred cuisine airplane food? Oui, c'est possible! French Michelin-starred chefs have signed new menus in Air France's La Premiere (First) and Business cabins.

Until the end of this year, travelers flying on Air France on board long-haul flights departing from Paris, will be able to enjoy new dishes signed by renowned French chefs Régis Marcon in La Première class and by Guy Martin in Business class.

Régis Marcon, a triple-starred chef in La Première cabin: The Bounty of the Autumn Season in France

To continue to surprise Air France’s La Première customers with inventive gourmet cuisine, Régis Marcon is signing new dishes for the remainder of 2016; unique gourmet creations concocted with the best French produce. By choosing this triple Michelin-starred Chef, Air France wishes to promote its role of ambassador of fine French cuisine around the world. From Ardèche to Auvergne, between the plains and mountains between Velay and Vivarais, Régis Marcon offers his interpretations of authentic cuisine with a particular emphasis on seasonal produce.

Just look at the autumn abundance of French gastronomy in these dishes:

  • Duck and wild mushroom terrine
  • Chicken terrine
  • John Dory fillet in a white butter sauce with verbena, chanterelles and spinach,
  • Braised veal shank,
  • Chicken with black morels.
  • Catfish and shrimp bouillabaisse-style,
  • Duck pâté en croûte.

In Business Class, Guy Martin, the renowned chef of Le Grand Véfour: Global Flavors

Air France is entrusting its Business menu for the rest of 2016 to Guy Martin, honoured with two Michelin stars. On departure from Paris, on board long-haul flights and certain medium-haul flights, the chef invites travelers to discover or rediscover a selection of main dishes, inspired by global flavors and changed every two weeks, including:

  • Cod, basmati rice with curcuma, mashed courgette with cashew nuts, coconut sauce fragranced with Espelette pepper;
  • Veal chuck chop with fried wild mushrooms, artichoke puree and organic beetroot and blackcurrant sauce;
  • Fried prawns, broccoli with ginger, butternut puree with shellfish and parsley sauce;
  • Orecchiette pasta with squid and rocket, tomato fragranced with coriander;
  • Roast breast of guinea fowl, carrot and cardamom puree, organic red quinoa risotto and  cranberry juice;
  • Veal stew fragranced with Maniguette pepper, penne pasta with organic corn, vegetables and baby onions.

It will be less difficult to leave France behind with cuisine like this to enjoy on your flight home!

What if you're Flying to Paris? Gourmet French cuisine isn't a one-way street… or flight.

Air France passengers lucky enough to be departing from Los Angeles, New York and Washington and traveling to Paris-Charles de Gaulle will have the opportunity to dine on cuisine it's tough to get a reservation for on the ground!

Until March, 2017, you can enjoy dishes on board created by Daniel Boulud (pictured), the renowned Michelin-starred French chef based in the United States. His restaurants have made him an influential player on the New York food scene, with his flagship restaurant “Daniel” listed as one of the top 10 restaurants in the world, acclaimed for its excellent cuisine and service.

For the meals on board, as only the French can describe, 'Daniel Boulud brings creativity and soulfulness to dishes based in French technique and enlivened with global flavors and spices.'

Full Service

The French understand that you eat with your eyes as well as with your tastebuds.

So your gourmet meal is served with items designed by the masters in the art of dining à la française (French style). Your dinner is served at your convenience and presented on a white tablecloth and table set designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, including a Bernardaud porcelain plate and beveled Christofle glasses and flatware.  Each of these stylish elements also displays the art deco winged seahorse, the symbol of Air France

All we can say is, Bon Appetit!

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