Have your fill of thirst-quenching watermelons at the Watermelon Festival in Hope, Arkansas

Hope, Arkansas · About Local Events

Find your way to Hope, Arkansas, the home of the largest watermelons in the world, and eat as much as you can!

A small city located in southwestern Arkansas, the city of Hope is the birthplace of Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, and Mike Huckabee, the 44th Governor of Arkansas. The city has a total area of 10.1 square miles, and has more than 10,000 inhabitants. Named after a daughter of a railroad executive, the city was established in 1873. The city boasts of being the producer of the largest watermelons in the world. In 2005, Lloyd Bright a native of Hope broke the world record by producing a 268.8 pound watermelon! The city is accessible by land travel from various points of the country. The closest major city to Hope is Texarkana which is 31 miles away.

Hope Watermelon Festival is a four-day event held every second week of August. It was established by John S. Gibson, who offered prizes for the largest veggies and watermelons in the area but the festival was stopped after a few years, and thankfully continued in 1977. Events include a Festival Car Show, live entertainment, lots of food and beverages, a Little Miss Watermelon pageant, about 300 Arts and Crafts booths, a "Watermelon Idol" talent contest, contest and games, and a number of melon-oriented events such as Watermelon spitting contest and the Watermelon eating contest. The highlight of the festival is the weighing and displaying of the biggest watermelons in Hope. You can also buy watermelons to bring home, just be sure you have lots of space as they are humongous!

Bring the entire family to the annual Watermelon Festival in Hope, Arkansas, and be amazed by the sizes of the watermelons! 

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