Corporate Travel

The Corporate Travel Solution by TravGroup, an Experience Above the Rest

Spend less time and money managing travel. TravGroup offers corporate travel management services to provide business travelers with a customized, efficient, end-to-end travel experience at the best possible price.

Business Travel Savings

TravGroup understands the need for businesses to monitor and control travel costs. For over 32 years, we have been providing our customers with cost-conscious travel solutions, thanks to our alliances with major airlines, car rental companies and hotels around the world. Our professional travel consultants continually monitor the market for changes that may affect your travel plans. As soon as we realize cost reductions, we pass them along to you.

Exceptional Travel Care

We know travel. We love travel. But what really makes it come together is the work we do to get to know our customers, their unique needs, their cost constraints and the nuances of their corporate travel policies. Outstanding service is our primary goal. Our clients’ preferences are stored in our database. We will never ask you more than once about your seat and meal preferences, and this is just one example of our approach to service and relationship-building. We pay close attention to detail so that you don’t have to.

Travel Management Solutions

From travel booking to expense reporting, TravGroup makes it easier and more efficient for your business to manage its travel program. We streamline your travel process with cutting-edge technology that incorporates:

  • Online booking
  • Expense management tools
  • Quality control
  • Travel insurance
  • Unused ticket tracking
  • Full reporting on travel spend
  • Traveler tracking
  • Corporate travel policies, Duty of Care assessment
  • Itinerary delivery

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