The 5 Top First Class Airline Lounges in the World

About Before your trip

Luxury travel does not begin when you step into the plane, be pampered before your flight in one of top 5 First Class Airline Lounges in the world.

  • Etihad Airways Premium Lounge in Abu Dhabi. One of the best airlines in the world offers its first class passengers luxuries before their flight. Its Premium Lounges in at the Abu Dhabi airport can be compared to the facilities you will find in boutique hotel. It features a la carte fining and international buffet, coffee stations, concierge service, family room, smoking room, prayer room, a den with individual TV pods, shower rooms, and a business center.
  • Qantas First Class Lounge at Sydney. You and a guest can enjoy the world-class facilities of Qantas First Class Lounge.  It features two meeting rooms equipped with PCs and printers,  private suites, library, showers and restrooms, a day spa, restaurant, lounge dining, bar services, and unlimited tea, coffee and beverages.
  • First Class Lufthansa Lounge in Frankfurt. Built especially for first class passengers, the lounge provides a haven amidst the hustle and bustle of Frankfurt airport. It features separate quiet rooms with daybeds, cigar lounge, a la carte or cold buffet dining options with a complimentary wine list, spa services, bathrooms with exclusive amenities, individual office units, and a library.
  • Thai Airways Royal First Class Lounge in Bangkok. The lounge can accommodate 134 passengers and features a 22-seat a-la-carte dining room, slumber rooms, shower suites, 2 VIP rooms, 6 private corners, and  a full range of spa services including private therapy rooms and a sauna.
  • Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge in Doha. Comparable to a five-star hotel boutique in terms of services and amenities, the Al Mourjan Business Lounge exudes an airy and resort-like ambiance. It features multiple dining options, conference rooms, business centers, a signature bar, family rooms, children’s nursery, shower facilities, and a garden resort area.  

Whether your travel is for business or pleasure, your pre-flight experience provides a birds-eye-view of what you will be enjoying on board. These five first class airport lounges are known for exceptional facilities, first-class amenities, and extraordinary service.

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