5 Things Any Traveler Shouldn't Miss In Cambodia

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When Cambodia is mentioned in conversations, people immediately think of a violent and corrupt country that sits on a land of rubble. Seasoned travelers think otherwise. In fact, if you ask travelers, a lot of them would say that Cambodia is one of their favorites! Why is that so?

Located in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a land with a rich history, picturesque coastline, scrumptious food, lively night life, and amazing locals. It's known as a land of smiles with people with a true understanding of life. Here are six experiences you shouldn't miss out on:

  1. A visit to Angkor Wat. Declared one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Angkor Wat is described by many as majestic and amazingly beautiful. Take your time to see each temple and discover the very detailed architecture and design.
  2. Pay tribute to those who died in the Killing Fields. It may be morbid to suggest a visit to such a depressing site on your holiday, but we believe this is a good way to honor the sacrifice of the millions of Camair people who were murdered there between 1975 and 1979. These people were parents, children, doctors, and teachers among many others who Khmer Rouge, then ruler of Cambodia, had executed to prevent anyone who was intelligent enough to make a difference in the country.
  3. Spend a night...or a couple of weeks in Koh-Rong. Also known as Monkey Island, Koh-Rong is something any traveler cannot afford to miss. This island is as big as Hong Kong, but there are no roads nor electricity. It offers island life like no other!
  4. Visit the Markets. The markets in Cambodia has almost anything under the sun from live catch from the ocean to intricate accessories.
  5. Try the Food. What's a holiday without trying the local delicacy at least once during your stay, right? Try dishes made of bugs, strange meats, and reptiles. You'll be surprised at how good (and how horrible) some of these are!

If you are seeking a unique travel experience, head over to Cambodia and experience it yourself! Book your holiday with TravGroup now!

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