Business Travel Expense, made easy

New York City, New York

Tripcase is one of TravGroup’s favorite travel
tools. This smart and seamless app allows you to aggregate all your travel
plans in one app, regardless of how and where you booked it. A TravGroup Travel
Specialist will update your trip information to your Tripcase account so
you are always kept up to date with your trip, airline changes or cancellations.
Once on the go, you will also receive local travel tips & offers.

Tripcase just released a ‘Business Travel Expense’
feature to the app. “No matter where your
business travel takes you, Tripcase frees you from the paper receipt
mountain. With the receipt feature, photos of your receipts are saved at trip
level in Tripcase. You can organize your receipts with titles and notes
and safely store them in the cloud. Then, you can email your stored receipts as
a PDF, making expensing your trip that much easier when you return to the
office. In other words, snap it, save it, expense it. Now, there is no more
time spent agonizing over lost receipts and worrying about reimbursement for
travel expenses. Tripcase makes it all a snap.”

Download TripCase on your device for FREE!

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