Macau Opens Luxury Resort Themed After Popular Cartoon Characters


Image Credit: Studio City

Macau is primarily known for its über cool casinos and lively nightlife. But did you know that China's special administrative region is home to some of the most popular cartoon characters, too?

Studio City is one of Macau's newest casinos that features rides themed after the members of the Justice League, and parks surrounded by some of the most memorable characters from legendary cartoonist duo Hanna-Barbera.

Melco Crown Entertainment, who brought the luxury-integrated City of Dreams to Macau, masterminded the transformation of Studio City into a gaming mecca for comic book enthusiasts.

The Batman Dark Flight is the most popular attraction in Studio City. It features the world's first Batman 4D experience that delivers a thrilling motion ride. Dark Flight allows guests to experience what it's like to become Batman for a night, gliding through the streets of Gotham and defeating a whole host of villains along the way.

Studio City used Batman as their flagship attraction due to the franchise’s global popularity. Batman is the most popular DC character of all time, with numerous profitable spin offs and products ranging from apparel to video games launched off the back of the franchise’s unparalleled success. PC Gamer recognized Batman: Arkham Asylum as one of the "50th Best PC Games of All Time" in 2015. DC also makes Batman-inspired casino games, which makes the Dark Knight the perfect icon to spearhead Studio City's roster of superheroes. Batman has several high profile casino games online at present, with one of the most popular being Batman: The Riddler Riches, which is being hosted by international betting exchange Casino Betfair. DC also has a number of video slots dedicated to its other superheroes; however, Batman has the most number of games to date.

Apart from the Dark Flight, there is also a Fun Zone in Studio City, which is a huge playground, filled with activities for guests. In it, visitors can imitate superheroes by traversing landscapes, scaling buildings, and chase villains. There's an arcade section too that lets guests play the latest DC video game titles. Additionally, there’s the Tom & Jerry Picnic Playground where people can relax.

If you plan to visit the Fun Zone it costs approximately $200 for an adult and a child ticket. If you want to add another adult it will cost an additional $75. For full details on the price listings, visit the official Studio City website.

Even though the prices to visit attractions such as the Fun Zone may seem steep, Studio City is an experience that all cartoon and comic book fans should experience if they visit Macau. Studio City is renowned for updating its attractions on a regular basis so that there are new rides and games available to guests every quarter. The attraction is in Studio City’s uniqueness, and it’s what sets it apart from the other establishments in Macau and across the world.

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