Micro Guide to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

Beautifully nestled on the Mediterranean coastline of Israel, Tel Aviv, the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ as titled by the New York Times, is a vibrant metropolis that offers easy access to fine restaurants and lively nightlife. The second largest city in Israel is one of the most diverse in the world and has much more than the above to offer, from ancient remnants and historical landmarks, to fascinating museums and pristine beaches.

Jaffa, as it is more traditionally known, is of course steeped in a history dating back to Biblical times with mention from a 1440 BCE Ancient Egyptian letter and through the Bible. Important throughout history for it's port access, a robust residential life was only re-established approximately one hundred years ago when Jews from around the world began to return to the shores of Israel. Bright, cosmopolitan and full of culture, Tel Aviv offers a sublime mix of experiences in what is now one of the most popular tourist cities in the world.

Where to hit the beach in Tel Aviv

With more than 200km of Mediterranean coastline and in excess of 40 public beaches, Tel Aviv is a haven for sun worshipers, swimmers and beach enthusiasts. For a convenient day out, choose Metzitzim Beach where many lifeguards ensure safe swimming conditions and amazing sports facilities provide ample opportunity to get active. For something more glamorous, take to the Hilton and Top Sea Beach where a world class surf club awaits along with world class restaurants and customers. If you seek something mixed, Gordon -Frishman and Bograshov beaches are arguably the most popular with fine sands, safe swimming and reasonably priced kiosks.

Where to eat in Tel Aviv (just a few of our favorite & fun places)

As one of the most dynamic food scene in the world, represented by over 150 food cultures and inspired by traditional infusions, Tel Aviv has become the melting pot of the worlds culinary delights. Bustling with acclaimed restaurants, be sure to make reservations.

Israel's economic boom, diverse micro-climates and advanced drip irrigation technology lend to the freshest locally grown ingredients and the acceleration of its food scene makes today a unique time to visit and experience the variety and quality of what Tel Aviv has to offer. Druze olive orchards, Israeli pressed olive oil, cherry tomatoes, Mediterranean fish of dozens of varieties and 350 wineries, from the big to the small artisanal...

Breakfast – Sandwich Shel Itzik V Ruti

It may sound a little strange but one of the best places to eat in Tel Aviv for breakfast is often closed by 11am, such is the popularity of the food. Yes, Sandwich Shel Itzik V Ruti runs out of amazing sandwiches daily and don't expect to sit inside as the queue is quite long. Address: Shenkin 53

Lunch - Shmaaya

This delightful little eatery is only open for lunch and located in the southern part of the city. Regardless as to whether it seems like a bit of a trek just to sample a lunch menu, it is most certainly worth it and the prices are fantastic. Home cooked stew, vegetable and rice specialty dishes, Shmaaya is hands down the best lunch spot in Tel Aviv.  Address: Vital 2, Florentin.

Dinner - Port Said

Authentic and delicious, Port Said is a chic restaurant in Tel Aviv with a scintillating menu designed by one of the cities most celebrated chefs, Eyal Shani. An excellent atmosphere, a local feel, a wonderful menu and great staff. Port Said has a reputation for return clients and if you only have time to check out one eatery on your stay, this would make a good choice. Address: Har Sinai 5.

Watch our friend Roger Sherman's "IN SEARCH OF ISRAELI CUISINE" 2016 OFFICIAL TRAILER to get a more in depth look at the amazing cuisine TLV and Israel has to offer!

Where to go out in Tel Aviv (Nightlife)

The nightlife in Tel Aviv is infamous with an endless number of options for a night out regardless of your preference for clubbing, wine bars or a typical beer-house. In terms of the latter, The Minzar has a nice atmosphere to accompany great prices and fine beers, while the Cofix chain is renowned for their incredibly low prices and a neat outdoor terrace. Given the relatively small size of the above two, it is advised to arrive early. Other great options for a quiet beer before moving on elsewhere are Tepale for a more Israeli experience, The Patio for something local and Dizzy Frishdon which is particularly popular with tourists.

For a more relaxed and refined drink, the Library Bar at the Norman Hotel is a stop worth making.

As the night goes on, you may want to follow the crowd to Kuli AlmaBuxa Bar and Moonshine, each of them having a friendly atmosphere and nice mix of clientele. Moonshine is possibly the most different of these three with the 1920's decor giving it a distinct underground feel.  Still not satisfied? The Block and The Cat and Dog are popular nightclubs, while there is always the largest outdoor club in Tel Aviv, Clara where cocktails are best enjoyed with an ocean view.

What attractions you should see


Of course a trip to Tel Aviv would not be complete without a visit to the old port of Jaffa, where the acropolis remains and old architecture make for an enchanting visit. Expect delightful restaurants, antique craft stores and a fascinating flea market, Jaffa is a wonderful experience and an encounter with a very old world.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Incredible, from local art to the work of International names such as Picasso, Monet and Van Gogh – this museum is one of the most sensational of its kind in the world. Located in a high tech building, it will appear as unassuming on arrival but once inside, the collections and exhibits are sure to impress even the uninterested.

Beit Hatfutsot

The Museum of the Jewish People outlines the history of the Jewish people as a whole and their journey to Israel. Beautifully designed and overflowing with intricate displays and stories, the museum is especially ideal for those interested in Jewish heritage or have a keen interest in history.


If you have a little more time on your hands than just a few days, this small coastal resort is a charming place to unwind. It is often the chosen destination for locals seeking an escape from the city and relaxing vacation in a much quieter part of the coast. With many high quality hotels, great restaurants and a fine beach, Netanya makes a great overnight stay or even just a day trip.

Tel Aviv is a vibrant city with ample attractions and there are many more things to do or places to see than mentioned above. The perfect beach escape with a lively nightlife, fine food and a host of historical museums, it's easy to see why this part of the world was so appealing and why it has become extremely popular with the tourists and new residents.

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