Enjoy a Relaxing Bali Massage in Ubud, Indonesia

Ubud, Indonesia · About Rest & Relaxation

After days of enjoying the sun, sand and sea in Bali, reward yourself with a relaxing and soothing Bali massage in the village of Ubud!  

Ubud is a major arts and cultural center in Bali. It is about an hour away from the capital of Bali, Denpasar. Located in the central uplands, Ubud has become a popular tourist destination not only because of its vibrant art scene but also because the town was featured in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”. Although a lot of tourists come to Ubud to immerse themselves into the Bali culture and shop for art, it is known to be one of the best places to get a Bali massage.

There are a number of spas located in Ubud, most of which offer spa services like acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy, and of course, the famous Bali Massage. Essential oils are applied and the massage consists of acupressure, kneading, stretching, and stroking. It is so relaxing and rejuvenating that people with sports injuries would come to Ubud so they can be relieved from their achy joints, knotted muscles, and body pains. In between your massages, you can enjoy a range of yoga, dance, and Pilates classes in Ubud, which goes hand-in-hand with the massage for complete healing of body and soul. The town is also known for the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, inhabited by Balinese macaques. Have some “Kopi Bali” at Rio Helmi Gallery & Café where the works of art by Rio Hemi and other artists will mesmerize you.  

The next time you plan a trip to Bali, make sure you include Ubud in your itinerary. contact TravGroup today! 

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