Four seasons, endless activities at Lapland

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Worried about the different seasons that Lapland has and you might not get to do any activity? Don't worry because Lapland has all sorts of activities for every season.

Winter in Lapland usually begins in mid-October and still, they have different activities to offer. Since Christmas is coming, feel like you’re Santa Claus this year with their reindeer sleigh ride. Get to choose the ride that best suits you from half a kilometer sprint to over tens of kilometers. You can have the opportunity to control the reindeer or just relax and let the locals do it for you. This ride can bring you closer to reindeer communities and understand their livelihood. Spring is the most popular time to visit Lapland. Try ice fishing during this season since lakes are frozen through April. You can even get to try ice fishing anywhere you want without getting a permit. The only equipment you would be needing is a rod and tackle, bait, and a container to store your catch.

During the summer, experience nightless nights or see the midnight sun where the sun doesn't set at all day or night. This occurs during June-July when the sun shines up to 300 hours and 150-200 hours in August. Get to know more about this by visiting Lapland in the summer. Autumn season on the other hand is where the days get shorter. Get to see reindeer roundups where reindeer owners herd together their reindeers. This is a traditional Lappish culture where tourists are welcome to experience and see it first hand.

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