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Kenya is incredibly diverse and you can experience different cultures,languages ,fauna, flora, and topography and the icing...drumrolls an African safari.

Many visitors to Africa are interested in going on a safari.
The best countries to visit if you want to see the 'Big 5' in particular are: Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Botswana.

1. Best Beaches

Kenya has some beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean, long stretches of white-sandy beaches hugged by lush forest and kissed by surf able waves, is very popular with Europeans flocking the towns of Malindi, Diani, and Lamu.

A mention of the spectacular Diani beach cannot go unmentioned.Scooping several awards of being the 7th best beach in the world in 2017 by Trip Advisor, 7th in the top 25 best beaches of Africa and the cherry on top as the winner of Africas leading beach destination by World Travel Awards.

2. Natural Wonders

The scenic beauty in almost every country in Africa is legendary but some sights truly stand out and are worth a trip in themselves.
There are many spectacular mountain ranges but the most famous mountain in Africa is its tallest,Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania).
Rising 19,336 feet out of the savannah with a permanent snow-capped peak, it's worth a trip even if you don't plan to climb it.
Alongside it is the majestic Mt.Kenya rising 17,057 ft listing it as Kenyas' highest mountain.

3. Trekking in Africa

Africa offers wonderful hiking and trecking opportunities and the best include:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro stands at over 19,000 feet and is Africa's highest peak. It takes a week to hike to the summit but the good news is you can do it without oxygen or special training.

Africa's second highest peak is Mount Kenya in Kenya is also a fantastic hike. Trekkers can walk up to Point Lenana, or attempt the technical climb to the volcano's highest peaks.

4. Africa's Historic Sites and Ancient Civilizations

Africa is the birthplace of mankind and you can visit ancient hominid sites ie East Africa's slave towns of Lamu.(Kenya),Gedi Ruins, Koobi Fora,Shimoni Slave Caves in Kwale, Fort Jesus,Mombasa Old Town,Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site in Magadi,Vasca Da Gama Pillar etc.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

5. African People and Culture

Kenya is home to some of the friendliest and amazing people you will ever come across. African culture is incredibly interesting because it is so diverse.

Most of the people speak Swahili which is the national language, so you will likely encounter greetings like ‘Jambo’ (Hello), ‘Karibu sana’ (you are very welcome) and the most favorite iconic safari phrase “Hakuna Matata.” which means, “No Worries.”

  • Taking a craft tour, culinary vacation, volunteering some of your vacation time, or even just shopping at local markets. Pick up a soccer game or learn some traditional African Board Games-- it's fun and you don't have to speak the same language to enjoy herding with the Maasai of East Africa.

An increasing number of international top athletes come to Iten to train, especially during the winter: between November and March, when large parts of their countries are cold, it's mostly perfect weather in Iten. Get a chance to to see for ourself what makes Kenyans such great runners.

6. African Adventure

For those seeking thrills beyond the everyday adventure of traveling in Africa, there are many options.

  • Hot air balloning over the Maasai mara . It's a real thrill to be floating above the acacia treetops following the hoof steps of thousands of zebra and wildebeest on their annual generation..
  • Bunjee jumping
  • Horse riding in the wild
  • Paragliding in Kerio Valley
  • Sky Diving ,Wind Surfing,Kite Surfing,Jet Skiing over the Kenyan Coast.

Riding a camel in the desert with the Samburu one day; go on a walking safari with the Maasai a few days later, and finish your week exploring old Islamic coastal towns with the Swahili on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

7. Africa's Markets and Bazaars Shopping;-Possibly some poeples favorite word....:-)

  • The Maasai Market is one of the famous places to take home some local pieces. Offering a variety of handmade artisan goods.Find some great fabrics, necklaces, sisal bags, or wooden carvings as souveniers for your loved ones back home.
  • Kitengela Glass-a magical place in the bush .See recycled glass, scrap metal, and an assortment of other materials into beautiful artwork, jewelry, and home décor.
  • K1 Flea Market-Get some more souvenir shopping from a diverse group of vendors from body butters to art to fashion and a lot more.
  • Shopping Malls.Nairobi has over the past few years been named as one of the top 5 cities in Sub-Saharan Africa with the largest shopping malls.

It has actually been ranked the largest retail market in East Africa.
Multi-functional shopping malls that offer a great experience and housing international brands include;-Two Rivers mall-Limuru Road,Village Market-Gigiri The Hub-Karen, Westgate Shopping centre -Westlands,Garden City Shopping mall-Thika Road,City Mall-Nyali ,Galleria Shopping Mall-Karen, Junction Shopping Mall, Thika Road mall, Yaya centre amongst many.

8. Unwind Destination

After all is said and done,unwind and create memorable experiences.

From the electric night life,international cuisines.You will always find a meal that you recognize and enjoy in the Italian, American, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, European, French, Mexican, Korean, Lebanese and other western restaurants. There are enough choices of food to delight vegetarians, enjoy the African sunset and enjoy arguably one of the best known beer brands in the country -Tusker Lager which happens to also be the highest selling beer in East Africa.


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