Why You Should Definitely Visit New England

, New England

Rugged landscapes, lush grasslands that span amazing breadths over dazzling mountains, jaw-dropping architectural edifices that you would have thought have been lost in timeless history, dozens of picturesque sceneries that are locked within its streets, exquisite hotels that offer 5-star luxury services, and superb resorts that litter the region, this is New England. The area is made up of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont; six superb U.S. states. Simply put New England is just one of the beautiful pieces of Earth, drooping with an endless seam of over a hundred fantastic opportunities for everyone.

New England pushes the limits with world renowned golf courses, splendid spas, and flawless culinary experiences inspired by local flair and international touches. Air, land, railway, or sea, there’s always an adventurous option for every travel experience.

Everything’s Beautiful and Inspiring

Everything beautiful, everything inspiring, and everything historical; from quaint towns that come alive at night to large classic cities with amazing museums, historic sites, and local markets. Then tipped a little over the top with its expansive coastline that spans from Massachusetts, through New Hampshire down to Maine, and beautifully fringed with little dots of charming fishing villages; New England is truly a beauty to explore.

You Get so Close to Nature

How close can anyone get to Mother Nature? Well, in New England you get as close as you’ve ever dreamed. When the pleasant hustles and bustles of the cities seem to get into your hair, you can always step back a bit and recede to find sweet solace with Mother Nature. Whether you prefer to explore the eerie of the lush forests, conquer the height of the snow-capped mountains, play or sunbathe on pristine beaches, try a dreary hike through the area’s rugged landscape and rolling hills, or just a sweet stroll under an ambiance of the peaceful and breezy trees.

Enjoy 5-Star Luxury like None Other

Rapidly becoming a home to exquisite hotels and spas, a "must-visit" title for New England offers quality of stay services that blows the mind. No doubt, they don’t come cheap but we went out of our way to secure fantastic deals with some of the most sought after properties. The Taj Hotel in Boston, for instance, with sophisticated luxury and elegant styles gives us a special 10% off rate along with exclusive amenities which include continental breakfast for two daily in the café, $50 food and beverage credit for use in the café and/or in the bar once during stay, plus upgrades, early check-in, and late check-out. The newest partnership with the Relais & Chataeu Grace White Barn Inn & Spa will take you away from your daily routine and immerse you into a world of rest and relaxation. Our specially negotiated offers at 100's of the regions resorts will surely give you the option tailored to your desires.

Experience one of the most Envied Heritage

Rich tradition, proud culture and sophisticated heritage elevates New England to an envied region with its meticulously preserved homes, ports, and museums. Culminating with landmark culinary experiences; your bound to have unforgettable evening dinners in any of the fabulous eateries serving signature wines and delectable meals that keeps one wishing one could stay a little longer.

From Georgian, Greek, Victorian, and Colonial finishes, New England’s unsoiled architecture will inspire your nostalgic dreams. Be ready to explore, learn and be one with a world set in a time dreams are made of.

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